IPR Laws And Benefits

There are chances of the breach of the existing rules & regulation and legal acts of a country by any individual in the serious condition of risks and threats. This is due to the high rise of competitions in the market. People have got the temperament to earn the possible profits or gains by unfair acts. They don’t mind to adopt any illegal or unlawful practice to get the profits. This practice is profusely taken up by almost every corporate or firm of different sector. Same has been the condition in all the major sectors, where product ,service ,creative designs and brands have the threat from the other smaller or multiple entrepreneurs who have the tremendous attempts to break the copyright or trade mark to get smaller gains by circulating the infringe or fake products. To avoid all such possibility of use of counterfeits and to secure the copyrights, trademark and patents, Government all across the globe has been united to combat with these problems and they have brought out certain IPR rules to handle the problems of IPR violations and these rules have the enough strength to deal with the network of such groups and firms who are openly carry out the IPR violating activities through out world.

What are the IPR laws?

The main objective of the Intellectual property decree is to encourage and develop the limited rights for the discovery of the invention and creative work to the society for mutual benefits and incentives of the copyright owner. The main objectives of these rules are to deal and manage the intellectual property, trademark, patent, copyright and trade secrets .This also deals with the protection of Intellectual property rights and legal actions against those who violates the rights to intellectual properties. These rules cover the other area which relates to the copyright, patent, trademark & litigation, tort and contract acts.

IP acts consist of common and statute ruling to cover the wider range of the IP activities. Common law has been established to cover the legal actions in the contract, tort acts and protect the IP right. Similarly statute laws rule the activities of copyright, patent and trade secret. Such creative and innovative works are protected by the statute copyrights. Protected intellectual property of commercial values often falls in the category of the trademark, patent and trade secrets.

Patent decree is a very vast and complicated area where specialized attorney have the extra education to know the patent rules and handle the case of patents to specialize themselves in the field of IP regulation. To deal with the international threat , IP laws and rights at the international level are governing to have unique cooperation among countries to protect the innovative and creative works. There are the existing international regulations to deal and protect the Intellectual property all across the world. There are international agencies to govern the IP rules; these are American intellectual property acts association (AIPLA), Intellectual property law servers, USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), USTR (United States Trade Representative), and USDOJ (Unites stated department of justice) which are internationally active to deal with the problems of intellectual property all across the nations.

Benefits of IPR laws

IPR acts are aimed at facilitating the creation and innovation of the new invention which is derived from the public financial support and secure the knowledge in the form of intellectual rights. These rules provide the clear guidance to manage the intellectual property to ensure the financial intellectual property. These rules provide an environment for intellectual property for protection, management creation and commercialization. These are extended to provide the protection and safety to the IP works which inspires the IP owners to do more creative works and get huge profits and incentives to the IP owner. When there will be more patents and creative works that will help economy of the country to develop and it’s a great contributor in the development and growth of the economy of the country. Intellectual property right laws are beneficial in strengthening the socio economic power of the country.


This shows that the IPR laws are beneficial in inspiring the IP owners to do more creative works which assist in building in socio-economic power to country.